As Louis Parrish once said, “If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life.” This famous author of the book “Cooking as Therapy” understood the need for a well-assembled kitchen to help keep spirits high throughout the day, and here at Ontario Kitchens, we can help you get the new kitchen you’ve always wanted through the large range of services that we provide. Call us to learn more about any of the following options to declutter and enliven your kitchen.

Find things more easily in your kitchen using new design elements like:

Our hidden spice racks pull out from your cabinets to give you more wall and shelf space while effectively organizing your seasonings.

We also install pull-out shelving and pull-out storage racks in different sizes to suit your storage needs so that important items are easy to access and put away. We incorporate all of these units conveniently into your existing cabinet space.

Plus, slide-out waste baskets effectively hide your trash and keep it easy to reach when needed.

Freshen up your kitchen’s look with new accessories and hardware.

Replace worn-out handles and knobs with new ones from our collection, including handles with brass, silver or gold-colored finishes or even classic white ceramic handles. Choose knobs with etched designs if you’d like door handles that are easier to grip, or you can choose handles with a smooth mirror finish to add some extra shine to your cabinets.

With new cabinet doors from maple or oak wood in a wide variety of stain-color choices, you’ll help increase your home’s value by giving your kitchen a much-needed facelift.

Get new kitchen countertops that inspire you.

Take your pick from our exclusive assortment of Formica, marble, granite or limestone countertops to create a stronger and more attractive working space. Formica laminate counters are an affordable option for a tighter budget, while materials like marble resist wear and tear for many years to come.